Factory Roofs

Mayfield Roofing have been repairing and replacing Factory Roofs
for more than 25 years.  Everything from cleaning or lining gutters
to complete new insulated roof coverings.

Our systems uses methods and materials tried and tested for
factory roofs; so they are  more than adequate to cope with  any
Factory Owners Roof.

Our systems are designed to include insulation (when required)
and for most Roofs, can usually be installed in a few days.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes:

Sheeting, Glazing, Rooflights, Flat Roofs, Vertical Cladding, 

Factory Roofing Repair and Maintenance


Roy Aylmer was elected a Member of The Institute of Roofing
Whils he held a senior position at Ruberoid Contracts PLC,
the largest Roofing company in the UK

When Ruberiod PLC were taken over by Tarmac PLC in 1984
Roy decided to start his own company and
Mayfield Roofing was formed

When MGH Consultancy Ltd took over Mayfield Roofing
In May 2003 Roy Aylmer became Managing Director
The position he still holds today.

In the last 25 years Mayfield Roofing has carried out
thousands of contracts and enjoys an enviable reputation
with our hundreds of satisfied customers